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Credit Curriculum Approval Policy (comes into effect September 1, 2022) May 19th, 2022

Recently Revoked

Policy Name Removal Date
Copyright Materials Policy March 17th, 2022
Criminal Record Checks Policy March 17th, 2022
Employment of Students Policy March 17th, 2022
Environmental Protection Policy March 17th, 2022
Executive Absence Exercise of Power Policy March 17th, 2022
Hours of Operation - LPC Policy March 17th, 2022
Offensive, Discriminatory Materials Policy March 17th, 2022
Research Grants Policy March 17th, 2022
Reserve Funds Policy March 17th, 2022
Library Collections Policy April 6th, 2022
Library Overdue Fines Policy April 6th, 2022
Roderick Mah CCL Scheduling Policy April 6th, 2022
Academic Record (Transcript) Policy May 24th, 2022
Counterfeiting and Altering Policy May 24th, 2022
Criminal Record Checks Students Policy May 24th, 2022
Institution Repository Policy May 24th, 2022
Parchments for Courses and Programs Policy May 24th, 2022
Official Communication with Students Policy May 24th, 2022
Fiscal Use of Responsibility in the Use of Research Funds Policy May 24th, 2022
Program Advisory Committee Policy May 24th, 2022
Program Suspension or Deletion Non-Academic Reasons Policy May 24th, 2022
Research Policy May 24th, 2022
Use of Instructional Guest Policy May 24th, 2022
Parking Policy July 1st, 2022

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