Academic Emeritus-Emerita Designation Policy
Adjunct Faculty Policy
Appointment of FT Faculty Policy
Classification - Staff Policy
Code of Conduct - Employees
Compensation - Management Policy
Complementary Non-Credit Registration Policy
Criminal Record Checks Policy
Death of a University Employee Policy
Deferred Salary Leave (Management) Policy
Deferred Salary Leave (Support Staff) Policy
Educational Opportunities for Individuals Whose Positions Have Been Abolished Policy
Employee Benefits - Holidays Policy
Employee Benefits Policy
Employment of Contract Employees
Employment of Students Policy
Endowed Chairs, Executives-in-Residence Policy
Executive Absence Exercise of Power Policy
Illness and Leaves of Absence, Management
Interview Expenses - Faculty and Management Policy
Local Authorities Pension Plan Policy
Offers of Employment to Faculty Policy
Personal Service Contracts Policy
Professional Leave Policy
Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower) Policy
Relocation Expense Policy
Research Grants Policy
Retirement Policy
Scholarships for Dependents, Mgmt and Exempt
Security Services Conduct Policy
Selection of a Dean-Director, AA Division Policy
Sexual Violence Response Policy
Tuition Reimbursement Policy
Universal Access Policy
Vacation - Management Policy
Vacation - Staff Policy
Vice-President Search and Appointment Policy
Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention Policy
Academic Accommodation for Students Experiencing Disabilities Policy
Academic Program Quality Assurance Policy
Academic Record Policy
Academic Schedule Policy
Academic Standing, Continuance and Graduation Policy
Academic Timetabling Policy
Admission Policy
Code of Student Conduct Policy
Counterfeiting and Altering Policy
Credit Curriculum Approval Policy
Criminal Record Checks Students Policy
Cyclical Review of Academic Programs Policy
Death of a Student Policy
Endowed Chairs, Executives-in-Residence Policy
Extension Curriculum Policy
Final Grade Appeals Policy
General Education Policy
Grades and Examinations Policy
Honour Rolls Policy
Institutional Repository Policy
Library Collections Policy
Matching Software Policy
Official Communication with Students Policy - Mar 2012
Parchments for Courses and Programs Policy
Program Advisory Committee Policy
Program Definitions Policy
Program Suspension or Deletion, Non-Academic Reasons Policy
Recording and Distribution of Academic Presentations & Materials Policy
Registration Policy
Student Financial Support Policy
Teaching Overload, Full-time Academic Staff
Universal Access Policy
Use of Instructional Guests - Policy