Prospective residents' frequently asked questions

You have questions. We have answers.

The cost varies depending on the type of room you are assigned. Detailed rates and fees information can be found here.

Any student registered in any credit, credit-free or academic upgrading programs may live in Residence. Priority is given to students enrolled in full-time studies (at least nine credits). Your home address doesn't matter. You can be from Calgary and be accepted into Residence.

Mount Royal Residence is single-student housing - family housing is not offered except under the Indigenous Housing Program.

Residence can accommodate up to 1,000 students.
Rooms are assigned by the preferences indicated in your application. The majority of Residence is made up of four-bedroom units. There are limited one- and two-bedroom units available.

Yes. All roommate requests are handled through Roommate Search in the Residence Application Portal, which is a secure way to search for and message potential roommates. Once you have paid your deposit and are eligible to choose your roommates, more information about Roommate Search will be sent to you.

We recommend that new students take the opportunity to live with people other than the friends you already know. That way, you won't miss the opportunity to get to know new people.

You don't have to choose your roommates, though. If you opt out of Roommate Search, you will assigned according to your profile and room preferences.

Residence is able to accommodate those interested in living with opposite gender and/or non-binary individuals. This means that students of any gender or gender identity could be assigned to the same unit. Click here for more information.

Each unit has a fully equipped kitchen that you can prepare meals in. We encourage you to learn to prepare your own meals as it is a life skill that can help you save money!

New for the start of the Fall 2020 term, MRU is offering three dining plans that will give you access to a variety of delicious food and beverage options! The MRU Dining Plans are available to those living in Residence, to students coming to campus for in-person course exceptions, and to faculty and staff. Dining plans are purchased and loaded through the OneCard and will be available for immediate use at The Table.

If you want to eat out, there are a variety of cafeteria and food court options on campus. 

Mount Royal Residence Services provides single-student housing - family housing is not available except under the Indigenous Housing Program.

However, Mount Royal and Boardwalk Rental Communities do recognize that securing rental accommodation for your family while you attend Mount Royal can be a difficult and expensive proposition. Boardwalk is expressing their commitment to helping students at Mount Royal by offering ten families a $150/month discount on rental units in their southwest properties. Only three things are required in order for students to take advantage of this opportunity: you must be enrolled in full-time studies at Mount Royal, you must have a family and you must sign a 12-month lease in order to qualify.

Should you wish to participate in this program, you will need to pick up a Letter of Confirmation of Enrollment from the Registrar's Office and provide it to Boardwalk's on-site leasing staff when entering into a leasing agreement. All arrangements are to be organized directly with Boardwalk Rental Communities. For leasing opportunities, please visit Boardwalk's website.

Mount Royal's Students Association maintains an up-to-date listing of room-and-board, houses, duplexes, suites and apartments for students who do not live on campus. Please call 403.440.6077 for further information.

Please note that Mount Royal does not make arrangements on behalf of students and all arrangements for off-campus housing are the students' responsibility.