Application Process

Becoming a resident

Becoming a member of MRU's Residence community requires the following steps:

  1. Choose how long you wish to live in Residence and your preferred room type.
  2. Understand your responsibilities as a Mount Royal resident by reading:
  3. Submit your application and $60 non-refundable application fee.
  4. Pay your $400 security deposit to confirm your place after your application has been accepted (we'll send you an email with the details).
  5. Pay your housing fees by the required date.
  6. Follow move-in procedures.

All correspondence will be sent to the email address listed on your application. Ensure that our email address - - is added to your contacts or safe list to prevent our correspondence from being automatically deposited in a junk mail folder and deleted.

West Residence - Female Student

Eligible students

Admission to student residence is conditional upon your registration as a student at Mount Royal University or another post-secondary institution. If you have applied for Residence and you are not accepted into MRU or another post-secondary institution, please notify Residence Services.

Admission preference will be done in the following sequence:

  • Mount Royal students
  • Other post-secondary students (proof of admission will be requested)
  • Other accommodation agreements between Mount Royal Residence and third party tenants

Mount Royal Residence Services provides single student housing. Family housing is not available except under the Indigenous Housing Program.

Duration of stay in Residence

Students may apply to stay in residence for the following:

Applying for Academic Year

Students will be assigned to a room for both terms and the contract will reflect this. Students are guaranteed their space for the second term and will not need to reapply, pay an application fee or move.

However, you will be signing a contract for both terms which means that a cancellation of any portion of your stay in Residence - including the entire Winter term - is subject to cancellation fees after June 30. See withdrawing from Residence below for more information.

Applying for Fall term only

If you do not wish to sign and be held to a contract for both semesters, you have the choice to apply for the Fall term and then re-apply if you choose to remain in Residence through the Winter term. Re-applying after October 31 will require the $60 application fee and it is possible that you will have to move at the end of the first term to a new room.

Cancelling your contract

Cancelling prior to moving into Residence

The application fee is non-refundable. A security deposit of $400 will be requested to confirm your place in Residence and students will only be placed once the security deposit has been received. If you are not accepted to Mount Royal University, your security deposit will be refunded regardless of when your application is cancelled.

If you wish to cancel your application prior to paying your security deposit, you may cancel your application through the Residence Application Portal.

If you wish to cancel your application after you have paid your deposit you must complete a cancellation prior to arrival form and submit it to the Residence Services Office via mail, email, fax, or in person. If you are accepted to Mount Royal University (in any program including Open Studies), the following cancellation fees will be applied to your student account:

Dates by which completed cancellation forms must be received for the corresponding cancellation fees
Contract terms No cancellation fee $200 cancellation fee $400 cancellation fee
Fall term or Academic Year
Before Jul 1 Jul 1 - Aug1 After Aug 1
Winter term (new residents only) Before Nov 1 Nov 1 - Dec 1 After Dec 1
Spring or Spring/Summer term
Before Mar 15 Mar 15 - Apr 1 After Apr 1

*Note: If you apply after the above cancellation deadlines, the cancellation fees are in effect after you pay your $400 deposit.

In addition to the above chart, the following charges may be applicable:

If you choose to cancel your contract after the official move-in date but have not yet moved in, you will be charged the nightly rate to cover the cost of holding the room from the official move-in date to the date a completed cancellation prior to arrival form is received by the Residence Services Office.

If you apply after the official move in date but have not yet moved in and choose to cancel, the nightly rate will be applied from your scheduled move-in date to the date a completed cancellation prior to arrival form is received by the Residence Services Office.

Withdrawing from Residence after moving in

Any termination by the resident, including withdrawal from Mount Royal University, is subject to the $400 cancellation fee and 30 days notice. Any such termination will be approved if the resident completes and submits a request to withdraw from Residence form found in the Residence Portal under forms.

Please note that if you signed an Academic Year contract and do not wish to return for the upcoming Winter semester, you need to submit your completed request to withdraw from Residence form no later than December 1st to meet the 30 days' notice. The form can be found in the Residence Portal under forms. This termination will be subject to the $400 cancellation fee.

Residence Application Portal

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