Life in Residence

A Day in the Life

Your Residence experience will be as individual as you are.

The opportunities are endless - from selecting a Themed Community, choosing a roommate, attending regular Residence events, and being just minutes from everything on campus. Your experience will be everything you put into it.

Here's what a typical day in Residence could look like:


Res Day in the Life - Morning

Roll out of bed right before class.
Grab a tea and still get there in time.
Hang out with some friends from Residence before your next class starts.


Res Day in the Life - Noon

Have energy? Fix yourself a delicious lunch at home.
Need more energy? Go home and have a power nap between classes!
Only a little time between classes? Get some food on campus and still have time to run home and grab your notebook for your next class.


Res Day in the Life - Afternoon

Finish class for the day and head to the gym to go rock climbing with your roommate.
Forgot to grab that book for your paper? No worries, the Library is right around the corner.
Head to a club meeting or toss a Frisbee around on your front lawn.
Sit outside and read a book by the fountain before heading home for dinner.


Res Day in the Life - Evening

Your RA is hosting pizza night! Head over to enjoy some food and hang out with the community.
Have a study session in one of the shared spaces around Residence or have your classmates over to prep for a group presentation.