Life in Residence

Themed Communities

Customize your Residence experience with a Themed Community.

An Themed Community is a Residence community in which students share a common interest. You can expect to participate in activities and programs that are specifically planned for the community. Themed Communities are a great place to live and an easy place to make friends since you already have a common interest.

Please note that each Themed Community has a set location and room type. Selecting an Themed Community on your application will place you in that particular community's location, regardless of your location and room type preferences. If you would like to request roommates, the roommates also need to select the same Themed Community on their applications for the request to be accommodated.

Apply before June 1 to be guaranteed placement in your chosen Themed Community. Not all options may be available each year as they are subject to interest.

Aviation community

The Aviation community is for students who have been accepted to the Aviation program. Due to their unique and demanding schedule, this community is located in our East Residence townhouses to allow easy access to parking for travel requirements. This placement offers opportunities for students to work closely together in order to be successful in their field of study. Students are able to take part in community activities to connect with other members of their program on an informal basis to achieve the most out of the residence experience.

Nursing community

The Nursing community is open to students who have been accepted into the Nursing program. This community is comprised of both upper-year and first-year students. This blend of students with varied levels of study provides opportunities for interaction, collaboration and mentorship which may not otherwise be possible. Students taking part in this living experience are expected to attend programs and opportunities that contribute to academic success and social interaction within their community. This community is located in our East Residence townhouses where parking is closer to units to ease the commute to and from clinical placements and to help simplify unique schedule requirements.

Participation in Athletics and Wellness community

The Participation in Athletics and Wellness (PAW) community offers an experience focused on various aspects of personal wellness. Members of this community will have the ability to participate in activities that involve Cougar Athletics, Recreation, healthy living and Wellness Services. Limited spaces are available. This community is located in our West Residence apartments which allows students to be close to the Recreation Complex and the Wellness Centre.

Quiet community

The Quiet community is a community located in our West Residence. It is an academically focused environment that fosters learning and scholastic achievement. This community encourages extended quiet hours to accommodate this mission. For more information, please contact