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About us

Mount Royal University was founded in 1910 with a central purpose to help students achieve their full potential. Today, this is a primary focus of the Student division, of which Residence is a part.

Our Resident Advisors and the Residence Activities Council supports our vision by helping to create communities and living environments that promote the academic and personal success of our residents.

Another powerful and effective way to help students reach their goals is through Residence Life programming. Our programming model is the core of Residence Life and encompasses the themes and goals of Residence Services and Mount Royal University.

Our vision

We engage the Mount Royal learning community in meaningful co-curricular experiences within a supportive, vibrant environment.

The team

Resident Advisors

One of the first people you will meet when you move into Residence is your RA. Every community - floor, triad or block of townhouses - has an RA.

An RA is a Mount Royal student staff member whose primary responsibility is to make sure that each and every person in the community has a fantastic residence experience. They are trained to facilitate events and activities to help you meet new people in Residence, build a strong community, assist you with your studies - and show you the ropes! They can be great friends and fantastic resources. Your RA should be the first person you talk to if you have a question, comment or concern.

Students who have lived in Residence for at least one academic year may apply to be an RA for the upcoming year.

Behind the scenes, there are two additional student staff positions on the Residence Life Team - the Senior Resident Advisor (SRA) and the Residence Programming Advisor (RPA). The SRA is the "RA of the RAs." Their job is to support the RAs in their day-to-day work and assist the RLC in managing the team. The RPA oversees the Residence Activities Council and assists with RA programming.

Residence Activity Council

RAC is made up of a group of full-time Mount Royal students who volunteer their time to facilitate large events for everyone living in Residence. Learn more about RAC and how to get involved here.

Residence Life Coordinators

RLCs are full time, professional, live-in staff that oversee the Residence Life program. Our RLCs supervise our Residence Life student staff, provide support to students, and promote a safe, inclusive environment.

RLC East RLC West (Building A, D and Townhouses) RLC West (Building B and C)

Akhilesh Prasad
Phone: 403.440.5191

Katherine Li
Phone: 403.440.6298

Svati Balaji
Phone: 403.440.6424

The RLCs can also be reached at rlc@mtroyal.ca.

Residence Services Manager

The manager of Residence Services supervises the Residence Life Coordinators to help ensure that our communities are safe and an enjoyable place to live and study.

Andrew Mackereth
Manager Residence Services
Phone: 403.440.6279
Our programs

Throughout the year, we plan, finance and administer relevant activities, events, sessions and workshops. Our programming aims to foster community engagement, academic success, self-awareness and diversity in Residence. Here are just a few examples of the fun and educational programs our RAs have staged:

Community engagement

Pizza and movie nights

Stress relief animals

Banff trips & sunrise hikes

Academic success

Study sessions

Writing, citation and studying skills workshops

Time-management strategies


Goal setting challenges (with prizes!!)

One-on-one conversations with Resident Advisors

Campus resource scavenger hunts


Community service initiatives

Indigenous Round Dances and Pow Wows

Pride Parade participation & support

International Kitchen