Human Resources and COVID-19

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Rapid Response Instructions for Employees: for employees to follow if they are feeling unwell/tested positive

Rapid Response Instructions for Managers and Chairs: for managers/chairs to follow in case of a symptomatic/COVID-positive employee

Rapid Response Instructions for Symptomatic Contractors: for those employing third-party contractors to work on campus


Frequently asked questions


What should I do if I:

  • have COVID-19 symptoms
  • have tested positive for COVID-19 OR
  • have returned from international travel 

Complete the Employee Self Isolation Report Form. Wellness at Work in Human Resources will be in contact to discuss sick leave benefits and return to work parameters. Follow the Government of Alberta Isolation Requirements and comply with federal travel restrictions.


What do I do if I have symptoms/am COVID positive and am well enough to work, but can’t do my job from home?

Complete the Employee Self Isolation Report Form. Wellness at Work will be in contact to provide information about leave options.


I have symptoms/COVID-19 and am well enough to work from home. What should I do?

Complete the Employee Self Isolation Report Form and discuss your ability to work from home with your manager.


I have symptoms/COVID-19 and am not well enough to work.

Complete the Employee Self Isolation Report Form. Wellness at Work will be in contact to discuss leave options.


*Updated*  If I am isolating because of symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 and can’t work, am I paid during that time?

On an exception basis and for COVID-related absences only, employees who have access to Short Term Disability (STD) as per the Collective Agreement or Terms and Conditions of their employment, will be able to access STD for the time missed from work, regardless of the number of days they are absent from work.  

An employee who does not have access to STD, on an exception basis, may take other leaves as eligible (i.e., vacation, personal days, accumulated time) or may be required to take an unpaid leave for the required time period.


If I experience long-term effects of COVID, will my benefits cover me if I have to be off work for an extended period of time?

The University health benefits and short- and long-term disability benefits are designed to support employees who are unwell in both the short and long term. You should contact Wellness at Work if you have questions about short-term disability or long-term disability.


Who should I tell if I know someone working on campus has been exposed to or has COVID-19?

This is confidential and private medical information that should not be shared except between an employee and their supervisor.


What are my rights with regards to refusal of unsafe work during COVID-19?

The Right to Refuse Dangerous Work is a component of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Alberta. You can review the legislation online. The MRU Unsafe Work Refusal procedure can be found here.


Employees have a right to refuse unsafe work, but it must be based on a reasonable assessment of the risk. What is considered 'reasonable' and who defines this?

It is defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Alberta.


Are there any guidelines for working remotely outside of Alberta?

Employees working off campus are advised to remain in Alberta. Employment at Mount Royal is conditional on Alberta residency. There are many implications to working out of the province, including Workers’ Compensation Board coverage, Sun Life benefits, healthcare issues across jurisdictions and compliance with evolving public health mandates, to name a few.


Where do I get more information on Furlough Leave and unpaid leaves of absence?

Please go to this webpage for more information.


What resources are available to support employees?

Please review these tips from Homewood Health on being productive while working from home. Also visit the Wellness at Work page on our website for other helpful information from Homewood Health, including tips on self-isolation and managing anxiety related to COVID-19. There are also supports from Mount Royal’s Employee and Family Assistance Program. Also, see the information under “Resources” below.


Are masks and cleaning supplies provided?

EH&S is providing hand sanitizer and cleaning products for departments. If you are working on campus, you can pick up a box of rated-surgical masks at the rapid testing area in G100 (the old library on Main Street). Show your OneCard to receive a box, which should last approximately 45 working days. If supplies last, you can then pick up a new box. Also, disposable masks are available at Security at West Gate if someone forgets theirs.


Where do I find information on mental health support?

Please refer to the Wellness at Work webpage for information about the many resources available to employees.




I am in a vulnerable group (e.g., suppressed immune system, pregnant, diabetes) but am supposed to work on campus. What should I do?

Anyone who believes they are unable to work on campus for reasons related to a protected ground under the Alberta Human Rights Act should complete and submit a Workplace Accommodation Form as soon as possible. If you have questions about the process or timeline, contact Wellness at Work.


How are accommodation measures determined?

Wellness at Work works with the employee and if applicable their physician to determine their restrictions/limitations. Wellness at Work then works with the employee’s manager to determine appropriate accommodation measures.


How long will it take to process an accommodation request?

It depends on the complexity of the request and the number of requests received. Employees should submit their requests as soon as they become aware that they require accommodation. Wellness at Work will respond to initial requests within one week.


Why can’t managers approve individual requests if they know an employee’s circumstances?

To ensure equity, it is important that everyone returns to campus under the same terms. Employees who require accommodation based on a protected ground (physical or mental disability, family status, or other) can submit a request to Wellness at Workt in HR, following the normal accommodation process.