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HIGH Low: Women, wellness and fun!


Our final event for the month, on March 29, will include a HIGH Low Class for faculty, staff and students alike. While our other events have focused on expanding our minds regarding issues for self identifying women, this event will encourage body health! This by-donation- class will support students in need via SAMRU. Come get your sweat on!

Space is limited and registration will be required. 

HIGH Low is a steady state cardio workout tailored to the individual, by the individual. Highly adaptable to all fitness levels, this lower impact format focuses on the steady state (or aerobic) training zone – the heart rate remains in a manageable yet constant and challenging, aerobic state for the majority of the class. 

All you need is proper footwear, a water bottle, and room to move. “Legs warmers are not mandatory, but they are encouraged.”


Time: 4:30-5:45 (Class begins at 4:45)

Location:I124 (Dance Studio)


Childcare will be provided if there is an interest.



Michelle Hennebery



Michelle has always had a passion for fitness, teaching, and fun. She is a former dancer for the Calgary Roughnecks Drill Crew and the Calgary Stampeder Outriders. Michelle’s love for teaching started 15 years ago when she began teaching dance and that love has continued to expand through group exercise. 

Michelle took her first group exercise certification with High Fitness and has never looked back.  She started teaching alongside her sister, Rebecca. Michelle is a High Fitness Guru which gives her the opportunity to spread her love for the High Fitness format through training new instructors, presenting at conventions and mentoring existing instructors. 

Michelle is a proud mom of two and has a new found respect for her body and what it can achieve since becoming a mother.

She runs regular classes during the week and you can find more info and sign up for future classes at Move with Michelle. 

HIGH Fitness “was co-founded in 2015 by friends and fitness instructors Amber Zenith and Emily Nelson. Starting from one class in a community centre, a fitness movement was sparked into a fitness empire with over a million participants annually through in person and virtual classes.  Amber, based in Calgary, is a former dirt bike and tennis champion. Emily, based in Salt Lake City, is a former dancer and journalism major. Together, they’ve taken the fitness industry by storm and flipped the script by focusing on becoming your best self and dropping emotional weight. They have grown a team of over 3500 instructors with the same goal of encouraging participants to become their best selves by rocking who they already are!”