International Business

International Business

The International Business program is designed to prepare students to operate and compete in the global business environment. Through a combination of theory and application students will develop an in-depth knowledge of global trade, cross cultural management, international supply chain management, methods to enter foreign markets, and more. The International Business program is versatile and increasingly relevant as the business world becomes progressively more globalized.

A Future in International BusinessStudents in International Business will be able to pursue a wide variety of career opportunities in both the public and the private sectors. Graduates could have opportunities in companies with a global focus, working in market research, importing and exporting, logistics, track, international development, international finance,international recruitment, communications, and more.

Students can also pursue a study in International business and economics, in which they receive the theoretical foundations through a balance of both international business courses and economic courses. Graduates have found opportunities in national, international organizations such as the Department of Foreign Affairs: Trade and Development (DFAIT), EDC, United Nations Trade and Development, and more.

International Business offers many career opportunities:

Import/Export Analyst - Perform import/export Functions, build effective transportation routes for goods, oversee movement of goods between countries and ensure delivery deadlines are met.

International Management Consultant- Involved in the research and development of market entry strategies and their implementation. Involved in applying innovative strategies to enhance business development in the client's key markets around the globe.

International Economist - Analyze trends, examine economies and make future projections at an international level. Companies use this to make decisions on whether to enter a market in a different country.

International Market Researcher - Conduct primary research to support projects, identify secondary research that aligns with firm's strategy and help firms to understand the similarities and differences of doing business in various countries.

World Markets Analyst - Collect data on consumers, competitors, and different marketplaces around the world to better understand international business best practices. Complete reports for clients or management covering subjects such as potential markets, anticipated product demand, and optimal pricing.

Co-operative EducationCo-operative Education is an enhanced academic program that alternates classroom learning with paid work terms. As a student of the Co-operative Education program, you have the opportunity to participate in career-related work semesters that allow you to gain real-life experience.

Further Education
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) prepares you for graduate studies, including Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. Students may wish to explore the possibility of pursuing other professional credential on the completion of their degree, depending on the nature of the career they wish to choose. Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) partnership with Mount Royal University means that you are one step closer to receiving a 2- for-1 educational credentials and advanced standing toward the CITP designation. A FITT Certificate in International Trade which can be obtained by completing three INBU courses and one FITT assessment. A FITT Diploma in International Trade can be achieved after completing eight INBU courses and two FITT assessments. The Certified International Trade Professional Designation (CITP) can be achieved after completing the FITT diploma and one full year of work experience in International trade.