Marketing is at the centre of navigating the dynamic worlds of brands, evolving stakeholder attitudes, new design trends and global economic shifts. With a Bachelor of Business Administration- Marketing, you will be at the forefront of learning how to blend insight, strategy, design literacy and brand intelligence to help bring extraordinary products, services and campaigns to the marketplace.

Mount Royal University is educating marketers who can spot market and consumer trends, design and implement integrated branding programs, create marketing plans that capitalize on market opportunities and apply emerging technologies.

A Future in MarketingUpon graduation, you may find careers in variety of areas. As a marketing professional you may guide the strategic and creative direction of corporate brands in large organizations, find placement in some of Calgary's stellar advertising agencies, or help build identities from the ground up for venture start-ups and values-driven enterprises.

Marketing offers many career opportunities:

Branding Strategist - Research, create and communicate the creative brands that sustain a market's attention and loyalty.

Marketing Communications Coordinator - Plan, organize and implement advertising and promotions programs for all forms of media.

Market Researcher - Gather, record and analyze data about customers and competitors to gain market insight.

Sales Representative - Develop, close and manage customer leads for growing companies.

Software Marketing Specialist - develop and implement high-tech marketing strategies in collaboration with product managers.

Student ClubsThe Marketing Society is a student run club that is driven to create a passion for marketing, advertising, and branding outside the classroom. Students will build marketing skills, portfolio work and professional networks by participating within the club. The Marketing Society works to integrate today's brightest students to be professionals in multiple industries.Cooperative EducationCo-operative Education is an enhanced academic program that alternates classroom learning with paid work terms. As a student of the Co-operative Education program, you have the opportunity to participate in career-related work semesters that allow you to gain real-life experience.

Further EducationThe Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) prepares you for graduate studies, including Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.