Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management involves the network of organizations that procure resources, moving them from supplier to manufacturer, manufacturer to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer, retailer to consumer. The purpose of supply chain management are to create value, enhance efficiency and satisfy customer needs.

A Future in Supply Chain ManagementWith trends in globalization, international trade and a growing need for businesses to develop more effective processes to create and distribute products, Supply Chain Management has become a highly employable and sought after field. According to the Accelerator Project there are expected to be 50,000 job openings in Alberta for ten different supply chain occupations as well as another 46,000 job openings in British Columbia.

Supply Chain Management offers many career opportunities:

Import/Export Administrator - Research import/export best practices, build effective transportation routes for goods, oversee movement of goods, and ensure delivery deadlines are met.

Logistics Coordinator - Organize personnel, assist with employee training, oversee budgets and courier expenses and complete and maintain quality assurance checks.

Purchasing Managers - Develop negotiation strategies and sourcing strategies as well as the processes associated with buying and selling assets.

Third Party Logistics Manager- Provides necessary planning, organizing of the dispatching and sales function. Ensures maximum sales potential through the identification new customer bases. Move and dispatch freight with communication to customers and the tracing of freight.

Transportation Manager - Improve transportation safety and efficiency while reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact. Work with data pertaining to traffic of goods via land, air and sea.

Student ClubsThe Mount Royal University Student Supply Chain Association is composed of a group of students that represent Mount Royal University's Supply Chain program. This association is responsible for promoting the Supply Chain Management concentration to new students and connecting current students within the program.

Co-operative EducationCo-operative Education is an enhanced academic program that alternates classroom learning with paid work terms. As a student of the Co-operative Education program, you have the opportunity to participate in career-related work semesters that allow you to gain real-life experience.

Further Education
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) prepares you for graduate studies, including Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. Students may wish to explore the possibility of pursuing other professional credential on the completion of their degree, such as becoming a Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP).