Mount Royal University is continuing to fulfill its commitment to EDI and implementing change for a more equitable and inclusive campus. Providing more washrooms that people of all genders feel comfortable and safe using is another step in this journey.

All members of our campus community have the right to an environment that is safe and supportive of their needs. Providing a greater range of washroom types by including more all-gender options promotes safety and ease of use by all, including increased comfort through choice, privacy and accessibility.

All-gender (also called gender inclusive) washrooms cultivate a sense of belonging for gender diverse students and employees on campus, ensuring that all community members can focus on and succeed in the work of teaching, learning and information sharing. 

Anyone, regardless of gender identity, can use an all-gender washroom. Your washroom at home is a good example, as are single-user washrooms in the community that everyone uses, such as those on airplanes, at outdoor festivals and in some coffee shops. Other all-gender washrooms are multi-user, with a mix of toilets and urinals, some of which are in stalls, others that are shielded and some that are in the open. 

This type of facility increases privacy and accessibility for more members of our campus community, including those who have personal health requirements or mobility challenges, and those providing assistance to someone of a different gender, such as parents and caregivers.


Some washrooms in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre — EL1331 and EL1333 — and on the first floor of the T-wing — T112 and T116 — are all-gender, multi-user facilities. This means that everyone can use them. Signs on the door show what facilities are in each space. Additional signage indicates that these locations are all-gender washrooms and include the locations of nearby gender-specific washrooms.




While we are providing additional choice in our washrooms and creating a more equitable campus, not everyone will choose to use an all-gender washroom. These members of our community can choose the existing gender-specific washrooms on campus. Choose the washroom that you feel most comfortable using.

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Facilities Management have identified the most effective locations for additional all-gender, multi-user washrooms. The following washrooms will be redesignated as all-gender in May and June:

Main Building, effective Monday, May 1 

  • First level: E135 and E139; I141 and I145; N166 and N170
  • Second level: E233 and E237; N246 and N248; S204 and S206; U202 and U206
  • Third level: N342 and N346
Bissett Building, effective Monday, June 19
  • First level: EB1025 and EB1029
  • Second level: EB2020 and EB2040
  • Third level: EB3020 and EB3040

Contact us at EDI@mtroyal.ca with any questions.

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