Washrooms on campus

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Facilities Management is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of more than 210 washrooms on campus. We have a range of facilities, from single-user washrooms to multi-stall. Some locations are gender-specific, while others are all-gender, meaning everyone can use them. 

Access to a washroom is a basic right. All-gender washrooms cultivate a sense of belonging for gender diverse students and employees on campus, ensuring that we can all focus on teaching, learning and information sharing. These facilities benefit other members of our community as well, including parents with small children, those with health issues who need privacy and caregivers who may be accompanying someone of another gender. Use the washroom you feel most comfortable using.


Where are washrooms located?

Use this searchable campus map with the term “washroom.” You can also search "gender” for all-gender/gender-inclusive washrooms on campus or review the list of locations of all-gender/gender-inclusive washrooms on this page.

Report an issue

If you see a building issue — such as a dripping faucet, broken towel dispenser or tripping hazard — please let us know. Our call centre is open 24/7 at 403.440.6417. You can also email fm@mtroyal.ca or report via Frontline (employees only) or on the MRU Now app.

Some washrooms in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre — EL1331 and EL1333 — and on across campus are all-gender, multi-user facilities. This means that everyone can use them. Signs on the door show what facilities are in each space (see icons, below). Additional signage indicates that these locations are all-gender washrooms and includes the locations of nearby gender-specific washrooms.
  • Washroom icon graphic

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Facilities Management have identified the most effective locations for additional all-gender, multi-user washrooms. 

Take what you need, when you need it, period on a blue background with a red star.


Period products

118 women’s, all-gender and single-use washrooms on campus have period products available at no cost. Mount Royal University is committed to providing safe, accessible and inclusive period products to our campus community. We all have the right to access essential sanitary products, including toilet paper, period products, soap and hand-drying materials.

You can find these period products in baskets or wall-mounted dispensers. Currently, products are in the majority of these washrooms. Sanitary waste receptacles have also been added to washrooms where needed.

Why the change?

We don’t charge community members for toilet paper, so why were we charging some members for period products? Providing period products at no cost contributes to equity, diversity and inclusion on our campus. Reducing financial and social barriers to these essential items means more members of our campus community can focus on and succeed in our mission of learning, teaching and information sharing rather than worrying about paying for or finding period products. Increasing access also reduces health issues associated with period product scarcity.

What do I need to do?

Take what you need, when you need it. Period. This ensures that there’s something for others when they need it, too. Although some might feel the urge to load up on products, please only take what you need. The products are restocked twice daily during regular bathroom cleaning schedules. If you see a basket that needs to be refilled, please let Environmental Services know: 

Questions? Contact Facilities Management at fm@mtroyal.ca.