Student Loans

Part-time loan and grant funding

 Eligibility requirements for part-time government funding

Student Eligibility

  • you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant).
    • International students should visit the International Students page for more information on how to fund their education.
  • you must be enrolled in at least 20% and no more than 59% of a course load which is defined by the following criteria:
  • You must also be an Alberta resident. Alberta must be the last province you have lived in for 12 consecutive months, while you were not a full-time post-secondary student.

    If Alberta is not your home province, but you are attending Mount Royal part-time, you should investigate the student assistance programs offered through your province or territory of residency.

Financial Eligibility

Part-time student aid eligibility is based on your income. If you are married, your spouse's/partner's income is also considered when calculating the family's income.

The following costs are considered when determining part-time eligibility:

  • tuition and mandatory fees
  • books, supplies and instruments
  • disability-related costs (if required)
  • transportation - $50 per month (if required)
  • childcare - (if required) provide receipts if you need more than $75 per month, per child

Transportation and childcare costs are not considered if you are in a correspondence or distance learning course.

 Frequently asked questions

When should I apply?
Once you have registered for your course(s) you can apply for your part-time funding. Your application will take six to eight weeks to be processed.

How do I apply?
Part-time applications can be printed from Alberta Student Aid. A portion of the part-time application must be completed by the educational institution so please bring your completed application to Student Awards and Financial Aid office during business hours.

How much will I receive?
  • Canada Student Loan for part-time studies
    • Up to $10,000
  • Canada Student Grant for Part-time Studies
    • Up to $900 per semester to a maximum of $1,800 per loan year
  • Canada Student Grant for Part-time Students with Dependants
    • $40 per week for 1-2 children, $60 per week for 3 or more children
  • Alberta Part-time Grant
    • Up to $600 per semester to a maximum of $1,800 per loan year

You cannot receive both the Canada Student Grant for Part-time Studies and the Alberta Part-time Grant for the same semester.

How do I repay my part-time funding?
Interest on a part-time Canada loan begins accruing the first day of the month after studies end, but there is a six month grace period before repayment begins. Contact the National Student Loans Service Centre at 1.888.815.4514 to ensure everything is in order and to find out specific details about your loan(s).

Students in full-time studies are not required to pay interest on previously-issued part-time Canada loans.

Students in part-time studies who want their previous full-time Alberta Student Loans to stay in interest-free status must complete a Form B.