Foundational Learning Assistance Program

Foundational Learning Assistance Program

Who can apply for funding?

The Foundational Learning Assistance Program (FLAP), formally known as Alberta Works, provides funding to MRU students that are in the following designated programs:

Language Education for Academic Purposes (LEAP) Program
The LEAP program offers high quality English language instruction, developing the language skills necessary for success in academic settings.

Transitional Vocational Program
The Transitional Vocational Program (TVP) offers training to adults with developmental disabilities.

Indigenous University Bridging Program (IUBP)
The IUBP is a university preparation program for students of Indigenous ancestry. It is designed to meet the needs of Indigenous students who are preparing to pursue post-secondary education.

Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee a funded seat in a Mount Royal program.

Mount Royal has a limited number of funded seats available. Make certain you apply early.

Funding provided by Alberta Advanced Education

Tuition refunds for Foundational Learning Students

A full tuition refund will be applied for students who never attend or drop their courses within 7 business days of the first day of classes. After 7 business days no tuition refund will be applied.