General Award Information

Awards are not always about grades. Your extra-curricular activities, volunteer involvement and financial need, will also be considered. You could qualify for the following types of awards:

  • Scholarships: Awarded for GPA achievement of 3.2 or higher
  • Awards: Awarded for GPA achievement of 2.0 or higher
  • Bursaries: Awarded based on financial need

Mount Royal offers hundreds of awards to new and continuing students. Prior to applying for awards, you may wish to review the
award eligibility and criteria of the awards available. Simply search the award site using keywords (i.e. business, nursing, entrance etc.) to find awards applicable to you.  

Please note:

  • Within the awards listing, awards for students in "any program" refer to credit students in degree, applied degree, or diploma programs.
  • Part-time students are also eligible for some In-Course Awards. Part-time students are those who have completed less than 60 percent of a full course load of a program over two semesters in the current academic year.
  • Full time students in the Funeral Service Education, Massage Therapy and Personal Fitness Trainer programs through Continuing Education could qualify for bursaries that are open to all programs. Application for these bursaries are through our online general awards application.

How many awards does Mount Royal offer?


Award Name General Criteria Award Amount Additional information

Prospective (entrance) students - must apply for early admission by Feb.1


Applications open:
November 1

Application deadline:
March 1*

*Applications will be accepted until 11:59 pm on March 1


President's Scholarship Academic achievement, extracurricular activities and leadership $7500 
($3750 Fall semester, $3750 Winter Semester) 
Mount Royal Entrance Awards for Academic Excellence Academic achievement - 90% in top two Group A subjects (competitive admission average) and 80% final average on five appropriate courses $2,700 (top 25 from each faculty)
Other Mount Royal Entrance awards Search for more details Up to $6,000 each

Current (in-course) students

In-course awards Search for more details Up to $6,000 each