Research Computing Support

The area of research computing provides faculty researchers the ability to utilize computing resources for the purpose of aiding in various university research projects. Computers purchased by university administered grants are considered the property of Mount Royal. Faculty research activities on research computers are subject to the Acceptable Use of Computing and Communications Resources Policy. Where computer equipment is required for research, the university provides a selection of business class specifications for consideration.

Computers purchased by university administered grants are considered the property of the university and the client agrees to the following conditions:

  • The client assumes full responsibility for the day to day maintenance of the computer system while in his/her possession for the duration of their employment at the university, or until the equipment is returned to Mount Royal.
  • For equipment that is in compliance with current IT Services specifications, the equipment is entitled to a system image as required for Mount Royal computing assets. Once the warranty period for the equipment has expired, further system support is no longer provided.
  • Note: Any costs involved with the maintenance of the computer system that is not covered during the manufacturer's warranty period, is the responsibility of the client.
  • All software will be legally bought by Mount Royal with proper proof of purchase as required for auditing purposes. At any time, IT Services may require the computer equipment be brought in for audit purposes as required by provincial audit regulations.
  • Research fund purchased systems may not be considered a primary computer or replacement for an existing university licenced office computer. As such, internal network connectivity will not be approved. However, computer systems may utilize and obtain IT Services support for wireless Internet connectivity when on campus.

In the event that research specifications require a computer that is inconsistent with a business class computer, the faculty researcher may elect to request technology that is an exception to university computing specifications. These arrangements can be arranged by the Research Finance Analyst with the Office Computing Services supervisor. In the case where a requested computer fails to meet university computing specifications, the client acknowledges that they have been made aware of this fact and that they give up the entitlement of a Mount Royal approved operating system image as required of Mount Royal computing equipment assets.

For specific details on the process of acquiring research computing equipment, please contact your ORSCE team.