My Data & Network Storage

Network drives

Mount Royal University data is located in two distinct places on the network, the H: and J: drives. The H: drive, acts as the home drive for each user.  It is where the users My Documents folder is located.  Each user's H: drive is secured, redundant and accessible only by the authorized user.  All data stored inside the My Documents folder is secured, accessible remotely and backed up each night.

  • IT Services strongly advises our users to use their My Documents folder as their primary data storage location.
  • Please note, data stored on the desktop or any other location on the workstation is not redirected to the network and consequently not backed up.
  • Download a detailed description of the Network My Documents folder.

The J: drive is where Department and Faculty departmental network data is stored and shared. This drive acts as a depository for shared documentation and frequently accessed information.

  • Faculty and staff users can access and view their assigned network folders by double clicking the Computer icon on their workstation's desktop. 

Recovering or restoring files from your H: (home) drive 

To recover deleted files or restore previous versions of files located on you H: drive follow the Shadow copy instructions

Network drives remote access

Mount Royal provides employees and students remote access to their network drives, both personal and departmental. For details, please refer to the Working Off-Campus web page.