Guidelines for providing smartphones to Mount Royal University employees

The University provides smartphones only to employees who are required to be available outside of regular business hours or who, throughout the work day, need to remain in contact but are required to be away from their desks frequently. Managers will determine whether an employee needs an MRU-provided smartphone to do their job.

Smartphones will be renewed in three-year cycles, consistent with the renewal terms of the service provider. If a phone needs to be replaced before the contract expires, a device will be provided by ITS. It will only be a new phone if there are no spare phones available. The user or their department may have to pay the replacement cost if the damage to the phone occurred outside of its use for work. 
Mount Royal supports Apple iPhone and Android devices. 

iPhone user guide

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Frequently asked questions

If I am required to have a phone for work and I opt to use a device provided by MRU, am I able to select any type of device that I’d like to use?

  • No,  ITS will have pre-determined and pre-approved options for smartphone purchases. Options, which include iPhone and Android models, will be provided by ITS for new contracts and at time of renewal. 

Will MRU reimburse me for the cost of my phone and service if I opt to use my own phone rather than an MRU-provided one?

  • If you require a smartphone but choose to provide your own device, you will be provided with a monthly stipend to offset the phone’s cost and service. The stipend will be a flat rate of $15/$35/$55 per month at your manager's discretion. The monthly rate is reviewed annually. 

When I order a phone through MRU where do I pick it up?

  • Smartphones can be collected from the ITS Service Desk; or, if you are working remotely, the device will be delivered to your home address by the service provider. 

Do other employees have access to reduced rates through Mount Royal to buy a smartphone for personal use?

  • No, there is no such discount program available at this time.

I use my personal smartphone for work all the time. Can I receive the monthly stipend?

  • Only if your manager determines you are required to have a smartphone for work purposes. Otherwise, you are not expected to use your personal device for work.  

I need a monthly plan that is higher than $55 per month. Can my stipend be increased?

  • No. The $15/$35/$55 stipend applies to everyone and is determined by your manager. It is reviewed annually by ITS and Finance.


Please note, requests for smartphones must be approved by an employee’s manager.

  1. Request for an MRU-owned Smartphone
  2. Smartphone BYOD Reimbursement request for purchasing your own device