Account Create & Banner Access

A new way to request accounts now live!  Click HERE to find out more.


What is it?

How employees request access, and how the approvals are granted, for the following systems:

  • New employee accounts, or changes to existing employee account access (Generic email access, Google drives, J:/drive, VPN, etc)
  • Banner information (Student, HR, Finance)
  • FAST budgeting, planning & Research
  • Argos reporting tool to access HR, Finance or Student reports
  • Purchasing Card (P-Card) requests/updates
  • Financial Fund/Org Signing Authority updates

Who is impacted?

  • Any employee who requires a new account or require changes to their systems/account access.
  • Any supervisor and/or authority to approve system access changes


The new process will be live October 13, 2021


Reduce hard copy or PDF documents and subsequent approvals on multiple different forms. Combines the approval process for these forms into one, more streamlined process with a clear audit trail.


Training material for how to complete the process can be found HERE

Overview of process