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Apply to be a Resident Advisor

What is an RA?

Resident Advisors are full-time students and part-time student staff members who live within a residence community and provide leadership, resources and support to students while ensuring a safe and respectful residence experience for everyone.

The position of Resident Advisor requires an individual who is self-motivated, capable of functioning independently or within a group, possesses exceptional leadership skills, and is willing to commit their efforts to the enhancement of Residence Life.

The position will be considered the Resident Advisor's principal out-of-class activity and any competing interest(s) must be approved by the assigned Residence Life Coordinator. The scope of the position includes on call, programming, mediation, and administrative responsibilities. Below are the detailed job descriptions and contracts (for reference only and subject to change):

Residence Gathering in Common Area

What do RAs do?

Build community

RAs are the backbone of their residence community. They help build strong communities which are academic, safe and respectful places for everyone to live and learn. By programming for their community, they are able to make connections with members within their area to make it an enjoyable place to live.

Make a difference

RAs seize the opportunity to make an impact in their community and around the university as a whole. By working with students that live in Residence and connecting with campus partners, they are able to establish strong links that will allow them to leave a lasting mark on not only their residence community but also the community of Mount Royal University.

Lead a community

RAs wear many different hats: facilitator, educator, administrator, role model, team player and mentor. As a member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to lead your residence community through a great year while enjoying the support of your teammates and full-time professional staff supervisors.

Develop leadership skills

Residence Services supports our student staff in their professional development. The RA position will train you to hone your skills as a leader and to think critically and respond effectively in difficult situations. This position is truly what you make of it: you will have opportunities to interact with a wide variety of people, learn and use effective active listening skills, and plan events that support the needs and interests of our residence communities. You will form strong professional connections with peers and other departments, and make lifelong friends with your teammates. You will also gain valuable transferable skills that you will be able to take with you beyond your university career.