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Nursing and Midwifery IDs


In addtion to the ONECard, if you are enrolled in the Nursing or Midwifery program or an Instructor in the Nursing/Midwifery program you are required to have a Nursing/Midwifery ID. This ID card identifies you as part of the Mount Royal University Nursing or Midwifery programs.

If you need the Nursing/Midwifery ID and the ONECard, you can request both and they will be printed together. The Nursing/Midwifery ID uses the same photo as your ONECard, so no need to submit another photo.


Requesting a Nursing/Midwifery ID 

If have any questions about the ONECard or the Nursing/Midwifery ID, send us an email or come to the ONECard Desk and have a chat with us!


Use of the Nursing/Midwifery ID card is governed by the Mount Royal University’s nursing and midwifery cardholder agreement.