Cory Willard

BA (University of Calgary
MA (University of Waterloo)
PhD (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Office: EL2100L
Phone: 403.440.6341


Cory Willard holds a BA in English Language and Literature, an MA in English Rhetoric and Communication Design, and a PhD in English Literary and Cultural Studies. Cory has taught a variety of courses on writing and literature and has most recently taught ENGL 3353 and 1152 at MRU and is slated to teach ENGL 2273 and 2295 in the coming year. His primary research interests involve ecocriticism and place studies, particularly related to freshwater ecosystems, environmental justice, and North American fly fishing literature. 

He has published in a number of avenues, most recently an article in the journal Western American Literature and a chapter in the forthcoming book Not Hockey: Essays on Canada's Other Sport Literature from Athabasca University Press.

Cory is also a full-time Writing and Learning Strategist with Student Learning Services at MRU.