Film Studies Minor

Select several dedicated film courses along with a few offerings from other departments to understand one of humankind’s most ubiquitous art forms. The historical, aesthetic, and socio-political dimensions of film — as well as the dynamics of audience reception that involves everyone from fans to philosophers — are all part of the experience.

You should consider a minor in Film Studies if you:

  • are intrigued by the audiovisual dimensions of film and are impressed by the medium’s  storytelling abilities
  • are curious about how films evolved as an art form over time
  • are interested in how films arise from and help shape social reality

Learn more about the Film Studies minor requirements and current courses offered.

Sample courses

to film studies

Interested in the history of narrative film from its beginnings to the present? View and discuss, historically and aesthetically, major films, paying particular attention to their "film language."

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global film

Learn more about contemporary films from around the world and, specifically, beyond mainstream American productions. Gain hands-on learning with practice in comparative film criticism and appreciation.

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Indigenous films

Examine the dynamic changes of images of American Indians, Aboriginals and other Indigenous Peoples throughout the eras. Explore issues of identity, gender, power, performance, and sovereignty.

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Film genres

Discover film genres ranging from noir to romance, gangsters to sci-fi/fantasy and comedy to epics, as they move to question the genre-specific history, precedents and development.

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The art of adaptation

Explore the relationship between original works and works adapted to other media. Discuss issues connected to authenticity, presence, intertextualities and the interplay with cinematic adaptations and literary works.

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The modern
horror film

Dissect the modern horror film - from Hitchcock's Psycho to contemporary sub-genres such as Redneck Horror, Comedy Horror, Home Invasion, Psychological Horror, Torture Porn and The New French Extremity.

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American independent cinema

Examine the American 'Indie' film movement from the rise, influence and co-opting of the movement through critique of style, sensibility, narrative, industrial contexts, and changing political landscapes.

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Film reviewing, criticism and theory

Analyze films in the context of intellectual and social frameworks - how people perceive and respond to films. Sample topics: filmic, political and theoretical ideas that range from theory to questions concerning culture and audience.

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Canadian film

Break down the history, development, distinctiveness and cultural significance of films in Canada. Discuss different genres, issues of film production and questions of film interpretation.

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Explore environmentally-themed cinema and the act of interpreting all forms of cinema from an ecocritical perspective in mainstream film, documentary, interactive online cinema, ecogaming and experimental videos.

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Film Studies Student_Kimberly GetzClass actKimberly Getz graduated from Mount Royal with a Bachelor of Arts — English degree with Honours and a Film Studies minor. She was the president of the student-run Film and English Student Society and was active in Calgary's film festival community. She went on to receive a Master's Degree in Arts, Festival, and Cultural Management from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Meet your film instructors

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