Jill Boettger

BA (University of Victoria)
MFA (University of B.C.)

Office: EA3176
Phone: 403.440.6551
Email: jboettger@mtroyal.ca

Jill Boettger completed her BA in Creative Writing and Women's Studies at the University of Victoria and completed her MFA in Creative Writing at the U of British Columbia. She writes poems and essays with a focus on cultivating reverence for the ordinary. Her essay "How to Unthink", published in both Geist and UTNE Reader, contemplates the access children have to insight often unavailable to adults. In an effort to stay close to this insight, Jill nourishes her creative and intellectual life in the practice of many arts, among them: cooking, drawing, knitting, gardening, meditation, hiking, canoeing, and yoga. She rises early to listen to the birds. She reads to her children at night. All of this leaves her with a clear mind and a full heart.