Randy Schroeder


B.A. (Lethbridge)
M.A. (Calgary); PhD. (Calgary)

Office: EA3134
Phone: 403.440.6265
E-mail: rschroeder@mtroyal.ca

Randy Schroeder teaches theory, creative writing, and all things narrative, including cognitivist and evolutionary studies of storytelling. As either Randy Nikkel Schroeder or A.M. Arruin, he is the author of the Surrealist CrimePunk novel Arctic Smoke, the Urban Magic Realist collection Crooked Timber: Seven Suburban Faerie Tales, and over fifty published short stories.

His scholarship covers Speculative Fiction, gaming, and the implications of interdependence for policy-making in emerging democracies. He is editor, with Lee Easton, of The Influence of the Imagination: Essays on Science Fiction and Fantasy as Agents of Social Change, and of numerous academic essays that hardly anyone has ever read.