Sarah Banting



Office: EA3162
Phone: 403.440.8491

Dr. Banting is currently working in the field of writing studies. She teaches courses focused on writing -- including writing in literary studies, editing, critical reading and writing for academic purposes, and rhetorical strategies for writing in various genres and reaching a wide variety of audiences. Her approach to teaching writing emphasizes the practice of situation-specific writing styles and rhetorical strategies, with special attention to the qualities that make student writing successful in academic and disciplinary contexts. Her research work complements this emphasis: she is currently investigating the qualities and rhetorical strategies of academic writing in literary studies. Her secondary research interests are in the pragmatics and stylistics of narrative language and theatrical performance, and in Canadian literature. She can often be found teaching English 1101/GNED 1401 or English 2205, 2207, or 3266, or striding purposefully around the university on one mission or another. Her articles, book chapters, and book reviews have appeared in a variety of publications. Her article "If What We Do Matters: Motives of Research in Canadian Literature Scholarship" recently appeared in English Studies in Canada, vol. 42, no. 3-4, 2016. She edits the blog, Issues in Teaching Writing: A Mount Royal University Conversation.