Academic Integrity

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You’ve probably heard your instructors emphasize expectations around academic integrity, but do you have a clear understanding of what academic integrity actually is? How is it related to academic misconduct? And how does plagiarism fit in?

This 45-minute Academic Integrity online training module includes videos, sample scenarios, and questions to test your understanding. Completing this introductory module will strengthen your understanding of why academic integrity is vital to our MRU community, explain how it’s defined in the new MRU policy, and help you feel more confident when making decisions related to your academic work.

Remember to log in with your email account first. If you are having trouble accessing the training, open an incognito window, log in to your email account, and then open the link.

Need proof of completing this training? Submit your answers to receive a copy of your responses to your email account. You can use that email with your scored answers as a record of completion.


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