Rules, Policies & Forms

Housing policies


The privacy of each resident's unit is genuinely respected. However, entry into a unit is sometimes necessary for the following purposes:

  • In response to requested or required maintenance services
  • To perform health and safety inspections
  • In response to an apparent emergency or danger to a person's welfare, property, or the building

In non-emergency situations, entry will occur if the resident has requested maintenance services. For safety or preventative maintenance issues, notice will be posted in advance for access to the unit. For emergencies, no notice will be posted.

Care of facilities

Residents are expected to maintain their units to standards of cleanliness and exercise reasonable care for the facilities. Routine cleaning is expected to occur in all units.

Alterations to the units are prohibited. Students are also prohibited from providing their own maintenance to the units.

Maintenance for the facilities is provided by Residence Services' maintenance staff. This includes issues such as clogged drains and burned-out light bulbs as well as window, electrical, pest and heating concerns. Residents can make a request for maintenance online through the Residence Portal.

For emergency maintenance requests, (flooding, no heat, etc.), residents should call the Residence Services Office (during office hours), or the on-call Resident Advisor or Security Services (after hours).

For more information on maintenance and making maintenance requests, please see repairs and maintenance.

Insurance requirements

Residence Services requires that all residents carry Personal Liability Insurance of no less than $1,000,000 for the entirety of their stay on campus. We also strongly recommend that residents carry adequate contents coverage for your personal belongings. In the event of a loss, MRU will not be responsible for your personal items. It is possible that you have coverage under your parent or guardian's insurance policy so we suggest checking there first. Please contact us with any questions.


A resident who is locked out of his or her unit may request entry from the Front Desk staff during office hours or from the Resident Advisor (RA) after hours. There is a $25 lock-out charge.

Lost mailbox or room key

Lost mailbox keys or room keys will result in a $25 charge to replace the key. If the original key is found, it can be returned for a $15 refund.

Solicitation and advertising

Solicitation in residence is strictly prohibited.

Advertising or posting of information must be approved by - and will only be distributed by - Residence Services staff. Anyone interested in having material posted, communicated or distributed in Residence must always check with the Residence Services office.