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For more than a century, Mount Royal University students have been shaping the society we live in. From a fintech app focused on empowered investing to inclusive storytelling that builds community, Mount Royal University graduates across all disciplines are learning to develop innovative mindsets to propel them into their future careers.

Read our innovators’ stories and discover the human impact of innovation at MRU.

Taran Singh Kainth smiling and posing.

Taran Singh Kainth

With boots on the ground within Calgary’s tech transformation, alumnus Taran Singh Kainth and Flahmingo are becoming a major player in the fintech world.

Innovative spaces

The tools and the foundation for innovative minds to grow

The playroom of the Child Development Centre at Mount Royal University.
Dale Swampy standing in front of a colourful background.

Dale Swampy

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems student Dale Swampy’s star blanket company, Osaw Kihew, honours the past while helping facilitate healing.

Innovative programs

Innovation drives learning everywhere at MRU

  • Growth Catalyst
    A program designed to help Alberta businesses scale up, including a speaker series that focuses on how to build resiliency and catalyze growth
  • Bounceback YYC
    A hackathon on accelerating the restart, recovery and return of the experience economy
  • The Innovation Sprint
    MRU students work with an industry mentor to practice tackling complex problems and bringing new ideas to life
  • CityXLab
    Combines applied research and community learning in an effort to understand Calgary as a place and as an experience. Includes programs ActiveCITY, CreativeCITY and LearningCITY.
Dr. Gwen O’Sullivan, Dr. Michael Asmussen, Meg Wilcox and Brad Clark

CFI Grants

Three major awards followed by matching grants have increased momentum in the study of foot and ankle joint control, the causes of wildfires and how podcasting can elevate marginalized voices.

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Mount Royal University's women's soccer team - one of the players is wearing a helmet that has a go procamera attached.

Innovative learning

Practical education led by professors who have been there

  • Research opportunities
    Student research is foundational, with numerous research assistant roles available and showcase opportunities during Research and Scholarship Days
  • Capstone projects
    Experiential learning applying the culmination of students’ education into a resumé-worthy final project for a strong transition into their profession
  • Humanly
    Information design students use systems thinking, changemaking and human-centred design principles to address real-world problems
Photo of Dr. Simon Raby, PhD, associate professor of innovation and entrepreneurship and academic director of Growth Catalyst

Innovative business growth programs to create impact

More than $3.3 million in funding will trigger the formation of hundreds of new jobs and deliver millions in economic impact to Alberta over the next few years.

Become the kind of thinker who can discover how to solve problems with answers that improve the world.

Find your innovative mindset at MRU.