International Women's Day

March 8, 2022


Join us to celebrate International Women’s Day. Presented by the Faculty of Business and Communication Studies, listen to leaders from the Calgary community and beyond engage in open and honest conversations about gender equity in the workplace and what it looks like to turn talk into action.

We have a mix of four pre-recorded panel conversations as well as one live-streamed panel conversation, taking place at 1 p.m. on March 8. Check out the conversations and featured panelists below to join us in the celebration.


Women and Men Leading Together by 2030 in the Energy Business — What Will it Take?

Date: March 8
1 - 2 p.m.
Location: Zoom live stream

Universities are leading the conversation about “gender” leadership — how to bust through old stereotypes and make room for “he/she and they” in top positions in university organizations.  Businesses have barely scratched the surface of men and women leading together, side-by-side, and don’t have active dialogue about pronouns and gender.

Join MRU’s chancellor, Dawn Farrell and this panel of highly influential women business leaders as they reflect on how we aspire to a place where men and women lead together.

This live event has concluded.

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Inspiring stories of Indigenous Women Entrepreneurialism within Alberta

This session, facilitated by MRU's office of Indigenization and decolonization, tells the stories of two inspirational Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs within Alberta. It explores their personal journeys and influences, along with celebrating their continued link to culture and community.

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Allyship on the pathway to gender equity

Hosted by Dr. Rachael Pettigrew from the Bissett School of Business, this panel critically discusses allyship on the path to gender equity. The discussion, drawing on multiple perspectives, explores how to be an ally, where to start, understanding one’s positionality, and performative vs. real allyship. A range of topics impacting gender equity in the workplace are discussed, including the transition to parenthood at work, finding your safe space and allies and how we should demand more of our allies.

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Translating Talk to Action: Organizations moving the gender equity needle

This panel brings together four organizations actively engaged in gender equity work. Panelists will discuss issues relevant to students and new graduates establishing themselves in the workplace, the community, and building networks and relationships with gender equity in mind. The panelists will also highlight their organizations’ mission and discuss how students could get involved to take meaningful action. 

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Forging New Pathways: Inspiration from Ginella Massa on inclusivity in the media sector

In this conversation, Ginella Massa, a Canadian television journalist and news anchor on CBC’s Canada Tonight, is interviewed by two students from MRU’s Journalism and Digital Media Program. Together, they discuss issues of inclusivity in the media sector including representation, allyship and self-advocacy.

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Stardale Drummers

For over 25 years, Stardale Women’s Group has empowered the lives of Indigenous girls, strengthened their families and inspired communities to engage in the core values of reconciliation. They offer programs and services to Indigenous young women and girls in overcoming systemic barriers.

One of the ways Stardale helps girls heal and connect with their culture is through the art of drumming. The Stardale girls have specifically been taught and perform Indigenous medicine songs which are thought to be healing and encourage inner peace and connection. The intention behind their songs is to heal, uplift, calm and connect. 

As a part of our International Women’s Day celebration, the Stardale Drummers will be performing on campus. If you’re on campus, be sure to stop by and watch their performance!


Performance date: Friday, March 11

Time: 12:50 p.m.

Location: starts at the Wyckham Food Court, then will move to Tim Horton’s on Main Street and the East Gate entrance



Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub


Mount Royal University and the Bissett School of Business is proud to host the Alberta chapter of the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH).

Supported by the Government of Canada, the WEKH aims to enhance the data and knowledge of women’s entrepreneurship throughout the country. It focuses on developing a platform to build a more inclusive innovation ecosystem.

The WEKH is a consortium of post-secondary educators across Canada that, along with key partners, will deliver a number of activities intended to support the advancement of women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds throughout the innovation ecosystem. Mount Royal University is one of ten regional hubs for the WEKH. 

For access to WEKH resources and research, visit their website.

To learn more about the WEKH Alberta chapter, hosted at MRU, visit their website.