Utility Consumption at MRU


MRU On-site Electricity Generation:

Mount Royal University generates power on campus using two different methods. The first way is through an array of solar panels located on the roof of the Main Building above the B-wing. The second method is through a Combined Heat and Power generator (CHP), which generates electricity using natural gas and then the heat generated from this is captured and used for heating.

CHP Plant:

At the end of 2018, MRU commissioned a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP), resulting in a notable amount of electricity being generated on campus.

CHP is 30% more energy efficient than conventional electricity production because it uses natural gas to produce both heat and electricity. Natural gas is considered to have the smallest carbon footprint of all the fossil fuels. The 'waste heat' that is produced as a result of the generation of electricity is captured and routed into the central HVAC system to provide heat and hot water throughout campus.


Solar Panels:

The first solar panels to generate electricity at MRU were installed on the rooftop of E-Wing and generate 144 kW of electricity to reinforce power supply to the University's IT data centre. The panels will serve as a backup power source for IT infrastructure to minimize risks if a power outage should occur.

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