Building Notifications

Building Notifications

Areas in EB building closed; alternative arrangements for some classes

Areas of the EB building have been closed due to a mechanical failure in the HVAC system. Students and employees, check your inbox for important information.

Due to the importance of building air flow and circulation to the health and safety of our campus community, we have closed affected areas in the EB building and are reducing occupancy as much as possible while repairs take place. Closures include some classrooms, computer labs, boardrooms, the Aviation Sim Lab and the faculty lounge, among others. You can find the list below.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • Instructors are reaching out to affected students. Most classes will be held in another classroom on campus while others may be moved online temporarily.
  • Employees in the EB building have been notified of the issue and asked to work remotely, if possible. Meetings should be held online or in another building. While offices that are open are safe to work in, reducing the number of people in the building is preferred.
  • Students and employees without a direct need to go into EB should not enter the building. Reducing the number of people in the building is the goal.
  • Only the classrooms and areas on the list below are affected by the mechanical issue. The other areas of the building continue to have a fully functioning HVAC system.
  • We recommend that everyone entering the EB building wear a mask until they reach their destination that is unaffected by the closure. This is because not all areas of the building have a fully operational HVAC system. Masks are available at no charge at the Cougars Campus Store.
  • The estimate for repairs to the HVAC system is Nov. 28 at the earliest.

Mount Royal understands this is very disruptive and our team is working to get the issue repaired as quickly as possible. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

If you have questions and are:

  • an affected student, reach out to your instructor
  • an affected faculty member, reach out to your chair
  • an affected staff member, reach out to your manager
  • wanting to speak with EH&S, reach out to Rob Siklodi at
  • wanting to speak with Facilities Management, reach out to Grant Sommerfeld at
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to fix this issue.
The affected areas include: 


Level 1
EB1002 CLS EB1006 CLS EB1007 OPEN
EB1010 CLS EB1011 COMP EB1014 CLS
EB1015 COMP EB1018 NLA EB1022 CLS
EB1023 CLS EB1028 CLS


Level 2
EB2002 Aviation Sim Lab EB2027 Sinclair Boardroom EB2051 Faculty Lounge
EB2061 Bissett Boardroom EB2039 Dedicated - Business: Computer Lab EB2029 Dedicated - Business: Computer Lab


Level 3
EB3011 Meeting Room


Exploratory work in G100 and on Main Street  

Exploratory work in G100 (the old library) and in adjacent areas of Levels 1 and 2 of Main Street is scheduled to take place during Reading Week, starting Oct. 12. This work by Facilities Management will provide information for design development of the revitalization of G-wing and some adjacent areas. The drywall removal in G100 will involve asbestos abatement. This work will be done in strict accordance with Occupational Health and Safety guidelines and overseen by a third-party consultant. Contact Keith Marpole at with any questions.


Elevator out of order in the Taylor Centre 
The elevator located on the west side of the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts is out of service due to a mechanical issue. Please use the elevator located on the east side of the building. We anticipate that repairs will take place at the end of October, depending on availability of parts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.