Frontline FAQ


1. Accessing the Frontline Website 


To submit a request on Frontline go to our Client Portal at https://mrufrontline.iwmsapp.com/archibus/workplace/

If you are a designated move requester and wish to place a moves request click here.


How do students access Frontline?

Students can email their request to mrufrontline@mtroyal.ca, submit a request through the MRU Now App or call our Call Center at 403-440-6417. At this time, the online Frontline system is not available to students.

2. Placing a Request


To place a request or report an issue for Facilities Management, you can let us know by either: 

  1. Submitting a Frontline request. Click here to see how
  2. Call our call Centre at 403-440-6417
  3. Placing a request through the MRU Now App 
  4. Emailing me at mrufrontline@mtroyal.ca


What if I don’t know what request type my request should be submitted as?

If you are unsure of what type of request type you should submit your request under, use “Maintenance/Repair”, and your request will be redirected to the team that is best suited to work on your request.  

What if my request requires immediate attention (ex power outage, key stuck in door, ect)?

For requests that need immediate response please call our Call Center at 403-440-6417.


How do I place a moves request or a request for card or key access?

Only designated departmental representatives can place requests for moves, key and card access. If you are unsure of who is your department’s designated requester, please email mrufrontline@mtroyal.ca .


If I have a technology related issue, do I put a request in Frontline (ie computer, speaker, projector, ect..)?

For most technology/computer related issues and requests MRU’s ITS is better suited to help. The ITS Service desk can be reached at 403-440-6000 or you can submit a request directly to them here


3. After a Request has been Placed
How can I check the status of my work request? 

You can check the status of your request by clicking on the “Check the Status of My Request”, located on the main client page in Frontline.  You can also email mrufrontline@mtroyal.ca ,  with any questions that you may have about your request.


What if I want to change or cancel a work request?

If you wish to change or cancel your request, please email mrufrontline@mtroyal.ca , with the work request code and the change you wish to be made.


I have received a notification that my request has been completed but the work hasn’t been finished/repair has been completed?

 If you have received a completion notification, but your request has not been completed, please email mrufrontline@mtroyal.ca and our Frontline Team will be happy to look into it. 

 It should be noted that for some requests that require multiple teams to complete the work, including for replacing light bulbs and painting, completion emails are sometimes prematurely sent out.  


For all other questions please contact mrufrontline@mtroyal.ca

What is the space audit?

The annual space audit of MRU's campus will begin June 10th and be conducted over the following two months. Facilities Management staff will enter all rooms in order to update space information. Pictures may be taken to record the condition of finishes, furniture layouts, and equipment.


This work is being done under the authority of Mount Royal's Space Planning Committee.


  • This annual audit is completed for the following reasons:
  • To update room amenity information for the booking of meetings and classrooms
  • To determine the current condition of facilities, including flooring, wall finishes, ceilings, windows, and other similar features.
  • To report its allocation of space to Alberta Infrastructure, which has funding implications relative to the Government's Post-Secondary Institutions Space Classification System.
  • To assist Facility Management in completing employee/asset moves, space planning, renovation projects, and for the operational maintenance of $916M worth of buildings/assets.
  • Facilities Management is the stewart and user of the information and Information Technology is the steward of the software that houses the data.

Any questions can be directed to fm@mtroyal.ca.


Tentative Schedule:

June EA, EB, ED, U-wing
July EC, EL, MB 
August  Finish MB, Grounds, Spring Bank


All Mount Royal University buildings, spaces and land, regardless of fund source or location, belong to the University as a whole and are subject to assignment and reassignment by the Space Planning Committee to meet the overall needs and best interest of the institution.

Long range planning for optimum use of these valuable University assets is a continuing process. Spaces are classified based on its primary use when constructed and are categorized as per Alberta Infrastructure Post Secondary Institutions' Space Classification System. Assignable spaces are designated to a certain faculty/department according to the Space Policy. The Space Planning Committee oversees the allocation, utilization, designation and management of all spaces on campus as governed by the Space Policy.

Example 1: You have an office that you would like to make into two offices.
To add another person + furniture to an office is considered a capacity change. Navigate to Frontline - Client - Create Service Request - Room Capacity Change. Submit the form, and a representative from Environmental Health & Safety will follow up with you.

Example 2: You have a boardroom or study space that you would like to make into two offices.
To request a permanent space designation use change to a space already designated to your department, complete the Space Designation/Use Change form found at: Frontline - Client - Create Service Request - Space Designation/Use Change. Fill out the pdf form and have your Dean/AVP and VP sign it. Submit to fmprojmgmt.gg@mtroyal.ca and the Manager, Strategic Space Utilization will follow up with you.

Example 3: The old library space is vacant and you would like this space for your department.
To request a permanent change of designation to a space not currently designated to your department, especially highly sought after newly vacant spaces, you will need to submit a Prioritize space request. Prioritize provides standard criteria for ranking, is a fair and transparent process, and equips Space Planning Committee with a list of proposed projects reflecting a composite measure of "benefit". Navigate to Frontline - Client - Create Service Request - New Space Requests. The link will open the Prioritize software.
• Note: Prioritize space requests are reviewed bi-annually by the Space Planning Committee. Please see the Space Request Deadlines here.

Example 4: You would like to use the Terrace Room, temporarily re-designating it from a food service space.
Terrace Room booking can be scheduled by contacting MRU Scheduling. During Fall and Winter semesters this space can only be booked after 4pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To request a temporary change of designation to this space, complete the Space Designation/Use Change form found at: Frontline - Client - Create Service Request - Space Designation/Use Change. Fill out the pdf form and have your Dean/AVP and VP sign it. Submit to fmprojmgmt.gg@mtroyal.ca and scheduling@mtroyal.ca and the Manager, Strategic Space Utilization will follow up with you.

• Note: All space designation and/or use change requests must be signed by department AVP/faculty Dean and approved by Division VP PRIOR to submitting to the Space Planning Committee for review and approval. In some instances, a change to a space's functional use may result in architectural, structural, mechanical or electrical updates. In such cases, a renovation request will also need to be completed.