Office Moves: Everything You Need to Know


Who can place an office move request?

Move Requests can only be placed by pre-approved employees who have undergone move’s training. 

To find out your department’s Designated Moves Requestor click here. 


How to become a designated moves requestor?

To sign-up for moves training please click here.


What is Considered a Moves Request?

Employee Move: This is a request to move an existing employee to a different office 

New Employee Move: This is a request for when an office needs to be set-up for a new employee. This type of move request will  include the set-up of a computer and office phone (if applicable) for the new employee. 

Asset Move: For when only phone, computer, printer devices and/or other ITS assets are being moved. It should be noted that an asset move isn’t needed to move furniture, but furniture can be included in an assess move.


Move References:

> How do I submit an employee request?

> How do I submit an asset move request?

> Edit Request and Checking Status of Move Request

> Full Moves Requester Manual


Move Blackout Dates:

January 1 and 2

April: Exam week mid-April (from the day before to the day after exams) Third week of April

June: Convocation, first Thursday/Friday of June, and previous Mon-Wed (Could be in May)

Last two weeks - limited availability due to year end furniture installs

August: Last week - NSO

September: First week - NSO

December: Exam week (from the day before to the day after exams) 24-31 (University closed for holidays)