Current Projects

FM Projects

At Mount Royal, projects are guided by the University's Strategic Plan, Space Management Policy and Campus Master Plan. Capital and renovation projects are executed by the Planning & Project Delivery team, while deferred maintenance projects are executed by Building Operations.


The following are some of the current projects around MRU. If you would like to learn more, please contact


Current Projects 


G-Wing Vacated Space Renovation 

This project is intended to renovate major elements of the original (1975 construction) main campus building. The principal outcomes of this project are to repurpose the vacated library space (including adding a second storey in most of that space), to refresh the existing Main Street corridor, to create an intersecting “Avenue” to Main Street, to activate the exterior spaces, and to create a student center in this newly revitalized space.These much-needed renovations will convert unusable areas that currently sit empty into modern and functional spaces with a student-centered purpose. With the support of capital funding from the provincial government and private funding from the Don and Ruth Taylor family, some exciting new student spaces are coming to the MRU campus. Learn more here:


Targeted date of completion

August 2024



The internal renovations to the W-Wing (old Conservatory space) will provide additional instructional spaces (4 large classrooms), student study rooms, a family room, 2 barrier free washrooms and a refresh of the existing washrooms along the W-Wing 3rd Floor hallway. Base Building systems were also upgraded to meet the capacity requirements of the project.  Learn more here:


Targeted date of completion

August 2022


Fire Alarm Upgrade

The primary goal of the Fire Alarm project is to extend the life of the Fire Alarm system by 10 to 15 years and allow for future expansion of the system by completing the following:

1.) Comprehensive assessment of current system and upgrade in relation to code compliance including a new sequence of operations. 

2.) Replacement of the original copper wiring network backbone with fibre optic cable.  Creating a fibre optic backbone that will allow for better network communication and will be more stable. 

3.) Find all wiring problems and ensure that field wiring methods are consistent by pulling new wire and when needed, building new infrastructure to support the system. 

4.) Allow MRU to grow as an institution while being allowed to add buildings and Fire Alarm infrastructure as required. 

Targeted date of completion

December 2024


Completed Projects

Indigenous Family Housing Information 

Location: East Residence
Start: May 2019
Anticipated completion: Sept 2019


Eight existing units in East Residence are being upgraded with utilitarian kitchens, bathrooms with bathtubs, washers, dryers and basement storage to meet the demand of the family Indigenous Housing Program (IHP).

This project is funded by a generous donation from David and Leslie Bissett.
Click here to learn more about this project.


Computer Lab to Classroom 

Location: Main Building, E145
Start: April 2019
Anticipated completion: Aug 2019


The underutilized computer lab is being converted to a new modern classroom with upgraded projector, screen, and furniture.


Bissett Data Analytics Lab

Location: Bissett School of Business, EB1112
Start: April 2019
Anticipated completion: August 2019


The EB1112 computer lab and study space will be converted to a data analytics lab available for over 1,000 students enrolled in business school programs and other professional programs. The Supply Chain Management program, through the sponsorship from CN Rail, will be the lead program to integrate data sets from the Thomson Reuters software.

12 new workstations and a teaching station will be installed, along will with new projectors and pull down screen. Signage, paint, minor flooring, and furniture will be upgraded.