Current Projects

FM Projects


At Mount Royal, projects are guided by the University's Strategic Plan, Space Management Policy, Campus Master Plan, and Internal Renovations Master Plan. Capital and renovation projects are executed by the Planning & Project Delivery team, while deferred maintenance projects are executed by Building Operations.


Here are a few of our projects. If you would like to know more of what we are working on, email

Projects in Process

N-Wing 3rd Floor Study Space Reno (Complete)

The N381 impromptu study space has been enhanced from 5 round tables to 27 study carrels.  This project prioritized use of internal resources and reuse of existing furniture in addition to new lighting and new chairs to increase and improve use of the existing space.


Computer Lab and Larger Classroom Upgrades (In Progress)

The following underutilized classrooms and computer labs are undergoing renovations to increase the number of seats required to accommodate first and second year introductory classes, implement active learning technology, and manage operating costs

  • E141 and E147 Computer Labs – increase to 45 seats
  • I120, I122 Classroom – increase to 84 seats
  • I128 Studio to Classroom – increase to 85 seats
  • EA2047 Classroom – increase to 76 seats
  • EA2030, EA2032 Classroom – increase to 76 seats
  • EB1014, EB1018 Classroom – increase to 96 seats


Wyckham House 2nd Floor Lounge Improvements (SAMRU) (In Progress)

Physical improvements are underway in Wyckham House’s second floor lounges and gallery to restore the flooring, walls, and furniture while removing unsuitable materials to create a modern, cohesive, and welcoming space for students.


Forensic Lab & Physiology Lab Design – CFI Grant Funded (Pending)

Scoping is complete for a new Environmental Forensics Lab (B219) and new Human Physiology Lab (B240).  Projects are approved and design work is pending final finance procurement.  The work will require architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and cost consulting involvement in order to review and document space requirements.

Additionally, the following base building projects are in progress or near completion to ensure safety and code compliance


Emergency Transfer Switch Replacement (In Progress)

The emergency generator transfer switch and Central Distribution Panel (CDP) have reached end-of-useful-life. This transfer switch is a critical piece of equipment for our emergency system. Replacing this equipment will mitigate risk in the event a power outage occurs. The CDP breakers have no replacement parts available any more due to their age. 


Fire Alarm Upgrade (In Progress)

Replace the network from copper/fiber to a new complete single mode fiber backbone. Design phase in progress.


Fire Suppression Lifecycle Renewal (In Progress)

Replace aging sprinkler heads with new ones to mitigate risk and ensure code compliance. Zone by zone review, complete system rehabilitation as appropriate including potential heads, flows and pipe changes. 


Phase 3 of Access Control (Substantially Complete)

Perimeter access points converted to Card Swipe Control, reducing manual effort in securing campus access points.

Completed Projects

Indigenous Family Housing Information 

Location: East Residence
Start: May 2019
Anticipated completion: Sept 2019


Eight existing units in East Residence are being upgraded with utilitarian kitchens, bathrooms with bathtubs, washers, dryers and basement storage to meet the demand of the family Indigenous Housing Program (IHP).

This project is funded by a generous donation from David and Leslie Bissett.
Click here to learn more about this project.


Computer Lab to Classroom 

Location: Main Building, E145
Start: April 2019
Anticipated completion: Aug 2019


The underutilized computer lab is being converted to a new modern classroom with upgraded projector, screen, and furniture.


Bissett Data Analytics Lab

Location: Bissett School of Business, EB1112
Start: April 2019
Anticipated completion: August 2019


The EB1112 computer lab and study space will be converted to a data analytics lab available for over 1,000 students enrolled in business school programs and other professional programs. The Supply Chain Management program, through the sponsorship from CN Rail, will be the lead program to integrate data sets from the Thomson Reuters software.

12 new workstations and a teaching station will be installed, along will with new projectors and pull down screen. Signage, paint, minor flooring, and furniture will be upgraded.