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Frontline, Submit a Request, We'll find a Solution

Frontline, Facilities Management's online system, is the best way to submit and track requests. We support a wide range of services including building maintenance and repairs, housekeeping, event support, furniture requests and more.

Frontline has been upgraded!

This upgrade includes:

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For emergency work requests, please call our Call Centre at 403-440-6417.


How Frontline can help you

Frontline is Facilities Management's online system that allows you to submit requests directly to the team that can help you. We handle requests from furniture requests, key/access card requests, building maintenance and we also take care of project/renovation requests, provide event support and so much more. So please let us help you as you settle into the new normal. 

Accessing Frontline off-campus

Frontline is accessible from anywhere with access to the internet, without having to use Global Protect (VPN). Instead you will be able to access Frontline website directly from the internet browser of your choice.