Frontline Information

Access Frontline today and let us help you.

Welcome Back to Campus

We want to welcome back all returning  staff and faculty to campus. We are so happy to finally be able to see you all in person after so many online meetings and phone conversations. We want you to know that Facilities Management is here to support your transition back.


How Frontline can help you

As you begin to settle into your work spaces after being away for so long, you may discover that things are no longer the way you want them or that they require repairs, Frontline is at your service. All you have to do is file a work request explaining what work you would like done and we will direct your concerns to the team that is best equipped to help you. 

Frontline is Facilities Management's online system that allows you to submit requests directly to the team that can help you. We handle requests from furniture requests, key/access card requests, building maintenance and we also take care of project/renovation requests, provide event support and so much more. So please let us help you as you settle into the new normal. 


Accessing Frontline off-campus

To access the Frontline website off-campus, please follow these steps or check out the attached infographic;

To access Frontline remotely you can either: 

  1. Remote on to a computer on campus (using Global Protect) 
  2. Use the Global Protect app to connect your computer to the MRU network [most people will need to ask ITs specifically for access to Frontline, for this method to work] 
  3. Use the Global Protect Portal 
    1. Go to the Global Protect MRU Portal and login using your MyMRU login info 
    2. Click on the Application URL and enter the Frontline address (
    3. This will open the Frontline website and you should be able to access the request page as you would normally 



For emergency work requests, please call our Call Centre at 403-440-6417.