Scholarships & Bursaries

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working remotely. Any inquiries can be sent by email to where we can reply in a timely manner. If you would like to speak to someone in person, please contact 403.440.6305 and leave a message. We wish you good health during these challenging times and are still here to help you.

Student awards support Mount Royal University's top priority: helping students succeed
With an abundance of student awards available to Mount Royal students, it pays to apply.

Post-secondary education is an investment in your future. At Mount Royal, we are dedicated to supporting your success and offer scholarships, bursaries and awards to reward you for making this investment.

Academic success, your financial situation and extracurricular participation are considered when determining your eligibility for various awards.

Awards help lower the cost of your education. Mount Royal offers hundreds of awards, providing students with more than $3 million in scholarships and bursaries.

General award information

Mount Royal offers hundreds of awards to new and continuing students. Learn about the number of awards available and access a searchable awards database.

Apply for awards

Our awards application period runs from Oct. 1 to Mar. 1 each academic year. Find out on how to apply for awards and important dates.

Award definitions & policies

There are three types of awards at Mount Royal University: Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards. View details and definitions on award policies and appeal procedures.

Payment of awards

Once you have been selected to receive an award, you have the option to pay or defer tuition fees with the Mount Royal award you receive.

Thank your donor

Some of our awards are funded by individual donors, companies or organizations. If you would like to send a thank you message to show your appreciation after receiving an award, find out more on writing tips and a thank you letter template.

External/Graduate awards

In addition to awards that are administered by Mount Royal University, there are a variety of external and graduate award opportunities available.

General award information & policies

Do you have a question about how Mount Royal awards are administered? Review the Mount Royal award policies page for more information or view the procedures document used to administer Mount Royal awards. If you wish to be considered for awards for a specific program major, please be sure to declare your major with the Registrar's Office by Oct. 1, before completing the awards application.


Appeal Procedure of a Scholarship, Bursary or Award 

The basic principles governing the hearing of student appeals and grievances, as defined in the Mount Royal University Academic Calendar, apply to the appeal of a scholarship, bursary or award decision. You can appeal an unfavourable decision, in the year the award is applied for, if you can provide evidence that there was a mathematical miscalculation in determining your academic and/or financial eligibility or extenuating circumstances beyond your immediate control have prevented you from meeting the stated scholarship, bursary or award criteria. For more information read more here.